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      2. Jiangmen Fengziwei Food Co., Ltd.

        We are located in the hinterland of the rich and beautiful Pearl River Delta, which has been the hometown of fishing and rice since ancient times. Due to its rich natural resources. The food produced here is of high quality and delicious. Its "Quehua" and "Yuefeng" Douchi dace tins are made of Feimei dace, which is rich in the Pearl River Delta region where our company is located, through strict selection, sanitary treatment and scientific processing. It is a kind of convenient food familiar and loved by people in China and Southeast Asia. It tastes delicious, fragrant and special. It can be eaten immediately in a can, and it can be combined with various delicacies through simple cooking.

        The company size up the situation, has been adhering to the "conscience. Pragmatic. Innovation. Integrity" purpose, continue to provide consumers with "high quality. Delicious" canned fish food.